5 Crazy And Dangerous Sports!

There are some super crazy sports out there – oh, the things people will do in the name of competition! These ones, however, top our list for being not only the craziest but the most dangerous sports!

5. Bull Riding

Like, seriously? You’re goading a bull into attacking you! That’s the name of the game, you sit on a furiously bucking bull and try to hold on for as long as you can – and let us tell you, these bulls don’t want anyone hopping astride them.

4. Volcano Boarding

We know what you’re thinking, but yes, volcano boarding is an actual thing. Competitors ride a plywood and formica board down the slopes of active volcanoes – and, we guess, just try and make it to the bottom in one piece.

3. Train Surfing

This is one of the ‘sports’ we truly believed only idiots would ever try, – and honestly, we may be right yet – but it’s becoming especially popular in Germany. Participants climb on to the top, or sides, of trains and ‘surf,’ i.e. cling on for dear life!

2. Crocodile Bungee Jumping

The name on this one definitely gives it away – it’s bungee jumping, but into crocodile-infested waters, something apparently all the hype for Australian adrenaline junkies!

1. Creeking

We’ve all heard of white-water rafting, and that sounds scary enough, but creeking takes things to a whole new danger level. It’s white water rafting but in very steep and low volume white water. You better hope you don’t capsize in the waters, or you risk serious injury!

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