Mom Who Got Slammed For Zombie Cake Photoshoot Stumps Everyone With A Confession

Little Phoenix celebrated his first birthday with a zombie-themed photoshoot. His mother, Amy Louise, decided to share the photos online, and it led to a wave of backlash. People were calling the whole thing “disgusting,” “morbid,” and “offensive”. She was even excluded from a mothers’ group on FB.

Amy expected some negative reaction, but not to that extent. She was called an insensitive person and a bad mom who could damage the mental health of the child and force him to consume “that cake off the dirt”.

Her reaction to the comments was sharing a heartbreaking story that moved everyone to tears.

When Phoenix was born his heart was not beating. Amy and her fiance Gary Wilkinson were fearing that their boy would not survive, even with the doctors fighting for his life. Those 13 minutes felt like hours, until the newborn Phoenix finally took his first breath on October 31, the Halloween night.

There is hardly a theme more suitable for a small boy who was announced dead and then came back to life on Halloween, is there?

Source: BoredPanda