First Look At Melissa McCarthy As Lee Israel Is Already Changing Our Perception Of The Actress

The trailer for the new movie called ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ dropped on Friday shows a new unexpected side of Melissa McCarthy as a very good dramatic actress.



In the upcoming movie, McCarthy plays Lee Israel, an author who resorted to forgery to make ends meet. The drama is based on Israel’s memoir and shows the author’s slow descent into literary crime. Her biography of Estée Lauder was what initialized her criminal career. The businesswoman was upset by Israel writing her unauthorized biography and derailed the book by writing a memoir of her own. When the plan failed, Israel resorted to forging letters.

The movie was first announced in 2015, with Julianne Moore playing Israel. Later on, in 2016 McCarthy was reported to take on the role when Moore dropped out. Marielle Heller, who helmed Diary of a Teenage Girl, became the director of the movie.

It is hard to recognize McCarthy in a mousy wig and a pair of spectacles. She has never been more subdued on screen before, but Lee Israel is no Susan Cooper in the Spy. ‘Can You Forgive Me?’ is likely to get Oscars’ attention. Firstly, because it comes out at the beginning of the Oscars season. Secondly, it’s a biopic, a genre the Academy seems to love. Furthermore, McCarthy has been nominated before, which only boosts her chances.

‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ arrives to theaters in October of 2018.