Meet Madame Eyebrows, The Saddest Dog You Can Imagine

Have you ever seen a bulldog with eyebrows? If not, this is your chance. And it’s the saddest view you can imagine.

The English bulldog living with her owners in Germany has a very appropriate name – Madame Eyebrows. The puppy has grey spots above her eyes that make it look like she has some seriously bushy eyebrows. The problem is that these eyebrows make her look like she is deeply depressed or grumpy.

It seems like Madame Eyebrows has no happiness in her life, but her owner Janina claims that she is an extremely goofy and happy dog. Janina says that the dog is really hilarious and it only takes minutes to see that she is not actually sad.

Take a look at this cute little dog that has the most deceiving looks ever!

Here is Madame Eyebrows as a tiny pup.

That moment when the working week just started, but you’re already tired.

You know this feeling. The warm bed just won’t let you go.

Hello darkness, my old friend…

When it’s Friday and you are still stuck in the office.

Waking up in the morning when it’s still dark outside.

When your home is full of delicious food, but you are on a diet

But, it’s not all that tragic! She is, in fact, a happy dog…

When she is not making these faces…

Happy or not, always a cutie pie!

Source: Bored Panda