Maryn lost 105 pounds within a year thanks to this water-drinking strategy

Maryn Teed made incredible transformations of her body within a single year – weighing 315 pounds she dropped to 210 – and the reason of that was a simple photo. In July 2016, Maryn was preparing barbecue with her family never losing confidence in her excellent look, but it is difficult to describe her disappointment when she saw photos of herself on social media. She told PopSugar that she was crying incessantly being disgusted by herself. She realized that the next morning of her life will be different and on August 1, 2016, she started her official fitness trip.

Are you interested what Maryn was doing to achieve that miraculous transformation? Her initial steps were the choice of right products that will charge her organism and decrease in the size of every meal. She also controlled the intake of calories using MyFitnessPal app starting from 2,000 calories a day and decreasing their number up to 1,500. She refused from pasta and other things she can easily live without. She ate less butter, cheese and soon her organism got used to healthy nutrition and she stopped missing any junk food she enjoyed eating before. Her habit to consume healthy products saved her from bad products and now even a glance at them makes her feel bad.

Together with decreasing the number of calories consumed Maryn increased the daily amount of water by much. It goes without saying that consumption of pure water is a key to a healthy life and it also works as a catalyst in losing weight, so Maryn opened a simple tactic to be followed by every keen water drinker. She drinks half of her body weight on a daily basis. With the weight of 300 pounds, she used to drink 150 ounces of water every single day. She admits that it may seem too much, especially if to speak about the number of bathroom visits, but Maryn described how she achieves that. She fills specific bottles with water and puts them in the refrigerator or on her to be confident that all of them are empty before she goes sleeping. She also drinks two cups of water with every meal. She also confessed that she was lazy enough to refill her bottles at work, so it made her prepare filled bottles for every new day.

Apart from ration changes, Maryn increased the number of her customary exercises. She began to complete the 21-Day Fix workouts at home and in a couple of months she began to go in for sports under the control of a personal trainer from 3 to 4 times a week. In addition, she visits a local gym 5-6 times a week too. Starting with the workouts advised by the trainer she adds major cardio exercises. These are usually high-intensity cardio workouts and heavy lifting using any type of the equipment existing.

Maryn finishes every workout with a portion of the post-workout protein. She explains that it is necessary for charging her body and recovering after exhausting exercises. She usually prefers such protein shakes as Premier Protein and Muscle Milk, as well as small snacks like granola bars and mixed nuts to restore energy on her way home.

With the wonderful result of 105 pounds, less than she used to be Maryn is still motivated to continue the existing regime. She is afraid of putting all those kilos again as she lacks happiness in some life aspects. She also remembers the words of her granny who encouraged to do everything she started doing only the best she can.

Maryn realizes that any progress is positive independent of the speed. It is just necessary to do what you started so her only advice to newbies targeted at losing weight is to move every day, stay active, walk more even through parking a car further from the store, use stairs instead of the lift, and stay positive. All people are not insured from slipping up, but it is not a reason to stop on your way to the goal. These motivational words are absolutely truthful and must be a boost for everyone who makes the first efforts to lose weight and not only.