Mariah Carey’s Ex-Manager Stella Stolper Accuses Singer of Sexual Harassment

Getty Images / Global Images Ukraine

Sexual harassment accusations are more and more regular in the world of showbiz. This time, the former manager of Mariah Carey stated that the singer sexually harassed her many times, as she was constantly walking around her naked.

The representative of Mariah called the accusations ‘baseless.’

According to TMZ, the ex-manager Stella Stolper notified the pop diva’s team that she was about to file a lawsuit. Stopler claims that Mariah was regularly naked in her presence and she even did sexual things in front of her!

TMZ also got the information that Stella wants to allege Carey’s abuse of substances and her failure to take drugs to treat bipolar disorder. Just recently we reported that Mariah revealed her bipolar disorder diagnosis, which she received back in 2001. However, Stella claims that Carey’s diagnosis is only a fraction of the problem.

Stella also insists that she was unfairly fired from her job and the singer owes her a large sum of money. The ex-manager gives Carey a chance to make everything right before she files the lawsuit.

A representative of Mariah came out with the statement regarding the situation. The member of Carey’s team stated that if such a baseless claim gets filed, they ‘will defend against it vigorously and successfully.’


Source: TMZ