Man Who Saved Lives During Waffle House Shooting Raises $229,000 For Victims

There are still heroes left in this world. The 29-year-old James Shaw Jr. managed to disarm a shooter at the Waffle House in Nashville, but he didn’t stop just there, as he started a campaign to raise money for the families of the victims who died.

On April 22, a man opened fire at the Waffle House. As a result of the incident, several people got wounded. Four of them died. There could have been more victims if it wasn’t for James who stepped in while the shooter was reloading and took the gun away from him, thus saving numerous people. He got a second degree burn on his hand from touching the gun that got heated during the shooting.

The real-life hero felt that it was his responsibility to do something for people who lost their loved ones. Shaw decided to create a GoFundMe page to raise money for the families of the victims and stated a goal of $15,000. To his amazement, the page already raised over $229,000!

According to Shaw, he felt ‘overwhelmed’ and said that it ‘has been a heartwarming reminder of what is possible when we come together to care for one another.’

What an incredible person!

You can watch the entire interview with the hero of the Waffle House shooting on The Ellen Show below.

Source: Sunny Skyz