Man Was Buried Alive As A Baby. Now He Is Reunited With The Woman Who Saved His Life

Azita Milanian was jogging when she found a baby buried alive. Today, that boy is a man reunited with the woman who saved his life two decades ago.

It was the year 1998 and Azita was out for a jog. She found a buried baby who still had his umbilical cord hanging from his belly in Altadena. The baby was only days old. He was taken to a hospital in Pasadena where he soon recovered. After that, the infant was given for adoption.

Azita would often think of the newborn, wondering where he was and if he was well. A few days ago, her questions were all answered. She was reunited with Mathew Whitaker on May 16, exactly 20 years after she found him.

Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times

It all started when the mom of one of Mathew’s friends contacted a radio station and told them Mathew’s unusual story. Her goal was to help the young man do a DNA test in order to find more about his origin.

The plan was to reveal the test results on the “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” show on Wednesday. However, one of the producers ran across Mathew’s story in a 1998 newspaper. She decided to find Azita and organize a reunion.

The young man had no idea what was preparing. On the day the show was scheduled to air, Azita was waiting to be called in the studio. She brought him a birthday present – some clothes and a card.

The reunion was very emotional for Azita. She couldn’t stop crying and hugging Mathew who was also very excited. He hugged the woman and called her an angel. Almost everyone present in the studio was also in tears.

Later, Azita explained how she found the newborn baby. It was Saturday and she was supposed to go dancing. Instead, she decided to go jogging with her dogs. One of the pups started acting strangely and the woman went to see what was going on. When she approached, she heard something from under the ground.

She started digging and took out a crying newborn. He was wrapped in a towel and all covered in dirt. Azita tried to call 911 but she couldn’t reach them. Luckily, she managed to stop a guy riding a motor and asked him to inform the Sheriff’s Department station.

The woman remembers being shocked to see that the baby had his umbilical cord still attached. She was appalled that someone would do something like that to an innocent creature. Mathew’s condition was critical. His body temperature was very low so he was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

He soon got better thanks to being quite big and strong. The doctors and nurses at the Huntington Memorial Hospital called his recovery a miracle.

Azita visited the baby at the hospital a couple of days later. She considered adopting him but decided not to because their story was on TV and she was scared someone would track the baby down.

However, she didn’t think they would lose contact altogether. After Mathew was given for adoption, she spent years trying to find him. Finally, she found out he had been adopted and gave up.

The woman never lost hope that they would eventually meet. Whitaker was adopted into a great family in Gardena. He found out he was adopted when he was 17. He also had no idea of the story that happened when he was a baby until last year.

Mathew said that he was very happy with his adoptive parents and he didn’t care about who had left him on the trail. He visited the spot where Azita found him two decades ago, and looked at the trail where he could have died.

Luckily, he survived and now he is in touch with his savior. He even invited Azita to attend his graduation next year and hopes that they will remain close in the years to come.

Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times

Source: Los Angeles Times


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