Make Easter Fun with These 5 Awesome Games

Easter games are not just for children. You can make this time a lot more entertaining with the help of games, and even involve adults in the fun. Here are some of the games that you can play this Easter to make it truly special.

Capture the Egg

This game is a twist on the game called ‘Capture the Flag.’ The first step is to divide all people into two teams. You will need eight eggs: four of one color and four of another. Each team should choose a color and then line up the eggs on their field. The goal is to capture the eggs of the opposite team and bring them to your side without getting tagged by the opposing players. Players that get tagged are out of the game. The team that captures all the eggs or has the last player standing wins.

Annie Spratt/Unsplash

Egg Bowling

For this game, you will need about a dozen of hardboiled eggs. You can take more depending on how many players you have. One of the eggs should be left white while the rest have to be a different color. The white egg should be left in the center of the lawn. Then, the players have to roll the colored eggs to the white one. The one who gets the closest wins. You can even play with raw eggs to make the game more challenging.

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting is really fun! What you should do for this game is make a basket filled with all kinds of goodies or buy a ready one at the store. After that, hide the treasure somewhere in the house or garden, get plastic eggs with clues, and have players find the basket. The first one to get to the basket wins everything it contains!

Denisse Leon/Unsplash

The Eggs and Fox

In this game, one person plays as the fox while others are the Easter eggs. Before the game, every egg should decide on its color and keep it a secret from the fox. After that, the fox guesses the color of each egg one by one. If the fox names the correct color of the egg, that player should run to other eggs that are in the ‘basket’. The problem is that the fox runs after the egg. If the egg succeeds and joins others, they should choose a new color. If not, and they get tagged by a fox, they become the new fox.

Ian Baldwin/ Unsplash

Rolling Race

For this rolling race, you should prepare at least a dozen hardboiled eggs. The next step is to make marks for the race track with different lanes for every player. Then, each player starts by putting his or her egg in the starting line in the lane. The eggs should be rolled with a wooden spoon (or anything similar that you can find) to get to the finish line. The first one to get there is the winner!

Easter can be a great fun with these simple games. Whether you play with adults or children, you will surely have an amazing time!

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