15+ Lucky Fans Who Married Their Celebrity Crush

15. Ruben Studdard and Surata Zuri McCants

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While the winner of the second installment of American Idol was signing CDs for his fans in a Walmart shop in Atlanta, Georgia, he noticed a beautiful woman and “fell in love at first sight.” She was Surata Zuri McCants and she was headed to the toy department of the shop when he saw her. He followed her there and asked for her phone number right away. They got married in 2008. Unfortunately, their relationship hit rock bottom and in 2011 they divorced citing the reason as irreconcilable differences.

14. Josh Duhamel and Fergie

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Josh Duhamel was a fan of the Black Eyed Peas singer. And just to see her face to face he convinced the show he was on, Las Vegas, to invite the band for an episode. When he saw her for the first time, he was totally lost and forgot everything he planned to say, two words eventually came out from his mouth, “You’re hot.” Fortunately, Fergie was buying into it, they later got married in 2009 and welcomed a son, Axl. Sadly though in 2017, they shocked everyone when they announced their separation and filed for a divorce.