21 Tips For Looking Younger Without Makeup Or Surgeries!

For centuries humanity has been dreaming of everlasting youth. Nowadays a whole industry works to make these dream come true. Beauty salons and clinics offer sophisticated treatments and surgeries to eliminate the signs of aging. Unfortunately, expensive procedures and operations may have plenty of side effects and give unpredictable results. The web is brimming with photos of celebrities with bad plastic surgery that might have cost a pretty penny. Few people would like to end up like this, don’t they? You can’t turn back the clock. But with these simple recommendations, you may hold back aging process and retain fresh youthful look for many years. Read on to make sure you follow the proposed advice for looking younger without makeup or even surgeries. Believe us, that the last thing you need.

21. Monthly chemical peel


When daily exfoliation routine is not enough, you might need microdermabrasion or chemical peel in plain words. This procedure is done by a dermatologist and involves total removal of the upper skin layer for better collagen production. Unlike ordinary exfoliation, chemical peel shows an immediate result. Those who can’t afford to see a dermatologist every month can try over-the-counter products for a chemical peel.

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