Long-suffering death: Jack Ketchum died at the age of 71 fighting cancer

As Mirror.co.uk reported, the actor and author of numerous masterpiece horror films died on Wednesday morning. The cause of death was an insidious disease, with which Jack fought for a while. And the disease won.

Christopher Golden, who is a good friend of the actor, confirmed this with his sadness, which he led on Twitter.
He wrote: “I’m numb. No other word for it. Horror legend and my friend for many, many years, Dallas Mayr (aka JackKetchum) has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Farewell, old friend. I’m so sorry to see you go.”

“He was grateful for all of you, and he will be sorely, sorely missed.”

Tributes soon poured in from fans.

One wrote: “Oh no. I’m gutted to hear this. I’m a huge JackKetchum fan and only met Dallas once in passing, too nervous to fanboy on him. He was a huge inspiration to me.”

The death of Jack brought a lot of sadness to people who loved him. However, he made a huge contribution to the lives of descendants, through which they will always remember him.