Leo DiCaprio Buys Malibu Beachfront for $23 million!

Leo is famous for its love to real estate. According to MansionGlobal.com, the actor has recently bought a huge mansion, owned by one of Trump’s cabinet picks. The lot occupies 1, 8 acres and is almost barren but it has a unique location, being surrounded by other celebrity mansions, including Courteney Cox’s and Mark Burnett’s. But in comparison to them, Leo’s new home consists only of one room and bungalow, the size of which resembles small apartment in Manhattan. It’s covered with thick trees and bushes with chain-link fencing around.

The source reports that DiCaprio bought the mansion at the end of November using the services of an unknown company Jinpar 1031.

Vincent Viola, known as one of Trump’s cabinet picks, sold the property to Leo. He is a billionaire investor, who purchased the lot in 2006 for $11 million.

Mr. Viola is not new to the real estate world. Together with his wife, they spent $114 million to reconstruct their Upper East Side townhouse. The investor already tried to sell Malibu mansion for $15 million in 2012.

This Pacific barren land is not the first purchase of Leo. In 2017 he sold his Studio City house, imagine only – for $2, 237 million!!! Moreover, he also sold his Greenwich Village condo for $8 million. The Hollywood star still tries to sell one more land in Malibu for $10.95, which is 7 times more than he bought it for!