All The Truth About Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston!

They don’t live together for a long time already but many fans still recall their relationship. In spite of dating almost 20 years ago, their romance looks fresh in the eyes of many. Keep reading to learn everything about this fabulous couple.

Where did they marry?

They met each other in 1998 and soon their relationship turned into a real sensation in all social media. 2 years later Brad and Jennifer married in Malibu. While living together they have become an iconic couple in Hollywood.

Did they have children?

Though they spent 7 years together, famous actors never had children. Brad has 3 biological kids from his relationship with Angelina Jolie. Moreover, they also have 3 adopted children, reports The Sun

When did they break up?

In 2005 their fans were shocked by the news about the couple’s split up. At this time there were already speculations about Pitt’s romance with Jolie. Brad and Jennifer did their best to remain their relationship good, even after divorce. Though many years have passed, people discuss them until these days.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt on March 14th, 2000 /  Featureflash Photo Agency /