Latina Rose Thyfault and Chris Klein are expecting the second child

A famous star of The American Pie will soon be called a daddy twice already.

On Wednesday, January 24, 2018, Chris Klein made an announcement on social media that he and his wife will soon become parents of the second kid. He shared a photo of his beautiful wife with a quite sizable belly and their son, Frederick Easton, running along the seaside and added that his beautiful wife called an angel by him is carrying another beautiful angel. He also added that Easton will soon become an elder brother.

Klein also told that it is the 24th week of pregnancy and called themselves blessed.

The same photos appeared on Thyfault’s Instagram page too. It was supported by words that their small Man would become a Big Brother in May already. The family is very excited for their adventurous and joyful year waiting for them in 2018.

The celebrity couple registered their marriage in August 2015 after 4 years of dates. Their first son was born in July 2016.

Let’s congratulate happy parents!