Lady Gaga In 10 Unexpected Facts!

We love Lady Gaga, and if you’re here then we can guarantee that you do too! Let’s celebrate this fact by learning even more about the mega pop-star. We’ll be going through Gaga’s history, from her childhood to life as we know her now, so hold on to your hats, this is going to be a fascinating ride! Here we go – Lady Gaga in 10 unexpected facts!

10. Early Life


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Gaga’s parents worked very hard to get where they needed to be, and as a result, Gaga got to grow up in the rich Upper Manhattan. Her family is Catholic, and Gaga herself attended Catholic school from a young age. Her parents have always been supportive of her music interests, and she was learning to play the piano at age four.

9. Adolescence


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Gaga was a little eccentric even as a young teen, and this made her stick out quite a bit amongst her peers, something that she admits made her feel rather insecure at the time. However, if she hadn’t made the decision to continue to be herself and not bow down to peer pressure to fit in, she might be completely different to how we know and love her now!

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