Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott welcomes twin girls in this world

We sincerely congratulate Hillary Scott and her husband named Chris Tyrell! The start couple welcomed their newborn twin-girls on early Monday.

At the same day, the 29th of January, happy mommy posted a lovely announcement on Twitter. Lady Antebellum made others sure she’d like to share more information about her baby girls and she’s gonna do it soon.

Hillary shared her post at 7:36 am on the last Monday.

The first announcement about expecting children was made via adorable video, which had its scenario. In it, parents are breaking the happy news to their elder daughter Eisele, 4.

The happy family decided to be completely open with their fans about the pregnancy. As Scott’s Twitter says, neither of them have ever had twins in the family history. Both husband and wife appreciate this opportunity very high and will be glad to share their Joy with everyone.

We warmly congratulate Chris, Hillary, and Eisy on their new members!