Kylie Minogue Doesn’t Age! The Pop Singer Shares Throwback Photo Of Herself

Kylie Minogue/Instagram

Kylie Minogue is a beautiful lady and a true legend. On Friday, the singer went to her Instagram to wish Jean Paul Gaultier happy birthday and shared a throwback photo of herself with the French designer. The comparison between an old photo and the recent ones proves that she just doesn’t age!

Only a month before her 50th birthday, Kylie shared a snap in which she looks gorgeous in a mini-dress and a denim vest. Beside her, Jean Paul Gaultier, who was previously a creative director for Hermès, looks as happy as it gets.

It’s obvious that the photo was taken somewhere in the ‘90s. It’s also evident that the singer, who is a well-known health fanatic, retained her radiant looks.

The snap from the past comes amongst the rumors that the singer is currently dating the creative director of GQ, Paul Solomons. It was previously reported that Kylie was spending a lot of time with Paul, but the anonymous source also told that the pop diva is ‘in no rush to get into a serious relationship,’ especially after her breakup with Joshua Sasse.

Regardless of her relationship status, Kylie Minogue always looks amazing!


Source: Daily Mail