Khloé Kardashian Gives Birth! Tristan Thompson Is In Delivery Room

Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

It’s finally happened! Khloé Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl!

And, despite the intense cheating scandal that shocked the Internet, Tristan Thompson was still in the delivery room.

According to TMZ, the daughter was born early morning on April 12th. We can only imagine how the cheating incident affected Khloé, who is said to feel completely ‘shattered,’ but Tristan was reportedly in the room when Khloé was giving birth.

The Cleveland Cavaliers player was seen leaving the hospital less than 12 hours after the baby was born. During the birth, Tristan was in the company of Kim, Kourtney, Kris Jenner, and Khloé’s close friend Malika Haqq, so the atmosphere must have been quite heated.

Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

Tristan, who was exposed for cheating just several days before his daughter’s birth, was looking absolutely exhausted when leaving the hospital. According to the HollywoodLife sources, the tension in the hospital room was extreme.

As it was previously reported, Tristan was caught spending time with a woman named Lani Blair at the nightclub on April 7th while Khloé was already heavily pregnant. After that, the NBA star was photographed entering the hotel together with the said woman. Not to mention the video that surfaced shortly after the incident, showing Tristan making out and touching two women at the lounge bar back in October.

We don’t yet have the information whether Khloé and the baby will return to their home with Tristan in Cleveland or she will go back to LA after everything that happened.

Despite all the circumstances, it’s still a happy day for Khloé, as she was open about wanting to be a mom for a long time. Congratulations, Khloé!

Source: Hollywood Life

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