Kelly And Ryan’s Real Relationship Not So Sweet Off Screen?

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have spent a while co-hosting the Live show. On the screen, they continue looking like the best of friends. In reality, according to the latest reports, everything is not going so great, especially after Ryan’s sexual harassment scandal.

On Thursday, March 1,the TV host, 47, admitted that she was looking forward to see Ryan at the Oscar ceremony. She gushed about how much she adored him and how happy she was to work with him on a daily basis. Ryan replied that Kelly is “happiness”. She decided to joke back and called him “happiness wrapped in chocolate.” Everything seems sweet and nice, doesn’t it?

Sources, however, say that Kelly is nervous because she has no idea how the case with Ryan will influence the TV show. She is afraid of the negative influence on the program.

According to an insider, the colleagues has oversold the friendship they have. Kelly is not ready to lose her reputation, so her task right now is to decide what to do.

None of the hosts’ representatives commented on the situation, but people say this case has had a negative effect on their friendship, and that it was very difficult for them to get through the last week.


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