Kelly Ripa Is Still Hot! And This Bikini Photo Proves It

Kelly Ripa is known for her amazingly toned physique, proving that it’s possible to look stunning at any age. But the Internet trolls can’t seem to let her enjoy showing off her beach body!

While on vacation, Mark Consuelos, Ripa’s husband of 21 years, decided to share a photo of his 47-year-old wife on his Instagram account. The photo immediately attracted a lot of attention, both positive and negative. Mark captioned the photo: Sultry Sundays with the sexy one are my fave…’ One thing is obvious is that Mark is still as in love with his wife as ever.

Sultry Sundays with the sexy one are my fave…

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The couple isn’t shy when it comes to sharing the adoration they have for each other on the Internet.

After Mark’s post, a lot of people started attacking Kelly for showing her beach body. Some went as far as saying that wearing this type of a bikini at her age is inappropriate. One of those who commented left a bizarre message stating that there is a cutoff age for wearing a bikini and ‘just because you can rock a bikini, doesn’t mean you should.’

Obviously, not everyone in the comments was negative. Kelly’s fans supported her wholeheartedly, complimenting her dedication to working out. A lot of Instagram followers were also impressed by the adorable relationship between Mark and Kelly.

The couple seems to ignore any hateful comments as they continue to enjoy their vacation. Now that’s the right way to do it!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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