You Should Keep Out Of Your Bedroom These 9 Things To Be Happy

We spend an awful lot of time in our bedrooms: we sleep, we have sex, and some of us study in there. Bearing this in mind, it’s important for you to make sure your bedroom is a positive space, as when it comes to keeping healthy, happiness is a key factor. Here’s a list of 9 things you should keep out of your bedroom in order to make it a happy and relaxing space.

 9. Loud colors

Bright colors are great, but are they really practical in a room you use to sleep and relax in? Choose something soothing instead: a pastel blue or some natural earth tones will do the trick without making your space feel boring and uninspiring.

 8. Your phone

There are thousands of articles thrown out onto the web each day telling us how our smartphones are taking over our lives, and yet we continue to ignore the warnings! Consider making your bedroom a phone-free-zone and take a step back from social media: your bedroom is your ‘me’ space, so why not do something creative instead of endlessly scrolling?

 7. Carpets

Allergens, such as dust mites, love a good carpet to nestle in, and if you keep waking up feeling sniffly then there’s a chance you’re allergic to something in your bedroom. If you love the warmth a carpet provides, then why not compromise with a rug instead?

 6. ‘Smart’ art

Keep your bedroom free of ironic and snarky art; remember, you’re trying to create a positive space!

 5. Sheer curtains

It’s all very minimalist and totally Instagram aesthetic goals to have those gauzy, white curtains, but you might be better off keeping them for the living room. It’s important that in your bedroom you have curtains which can block out the light when you need to go to sleep or you run the risk of upsetting your circadian rhythms.

 4. A bed in the wrong place

Bed positioning is more important than you might think, and can really make a difference to the vibes in your room. Make sure you can see the door from your bed, but don’t let your feet be directly in line with the door – this is something the Chinese call ‘coffin position’ and that would be bad feng shui.


 3. Television

No TV! Yep, we mean it. The blue light that is emitted from screens completely messes with your melatonin production, a hormone that is very important for sleep. If you find this too hard, then we propose a compromise: Netflix on the computer is allowed, but make sure to install an app that limits blue light emission from your screen.

 2. Animals

You remember those words we had about allergens? Well, you might be surprised to find that 15% of us are allergic to dogs and cats, so if you’re sneezing in the morning and snoring at night then little Kit might be to blame. If you just can’t do it, then an air purifier may help!

 1. Clutter

“Oh, but I got these from Cyprus/ my best friend gave me that!” Sorry, but these tiny doodads may actually be making your room (and your mind) feel more chaotic. Work by the cantaloupe rule in order to create a more serene space: any decorative nik-naks smaller than a cantaloupe should be limited.


Source: Parachute Home