Keanu Reeves Has A Beer With Fans Who Broke Into His House

Keanu Reeves has always been known for his kind and accepting nature, and now there is even more proof of that!

The story of two fans breaking into Keanu Reeves’ property in the 90s emerged just now. Instead of being angry, Keanu offered them a beer and even took photos!

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One of the trespassing fans, Chris Johnston, found the pictures from her meeting with Keanu and shared the story on her Facebook page. She made sure to add photos to prove that it actually happened.

Apparently, the woman’s cousin knew where some of the celebrities lived in Hollywood, including Chris’ favorite, Keanu Reeves. Without thinking for too long, the two of them decided to get into his property by climbing over the fence. Then, they knocked on the door and met Keanu who simply asked them who they were and invited them in. They had a beer and the actor even wrote a note for Chris’ boyfriend Ned.

The woman said that the actor was cool with them, but also admitted that ‘if this happened today, I am not sure the outcome would be the same. This was 1990 before how crazy everyone has got.’

Chris also said that when leaving the actor’s house, she accidentally exposed the film (that’s how long ago that happened) and the women went straight to a photo store to see if any of the images survived. Luckily, 3 of them were fine.

You can see the photos and read the post below.

Because I have to see every Keanu Reeves movie since I met him when I broke into his property in California. And I didn't go to jail. Actually had a beer and picture taken with him. True story. ?

Posted by Chris Johnston-AFmom on Saturday, March 4, 2017

Source: Facebook