Why Do Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Practice Cryotherapy?

The superstar singer and his actress wife were spotted making repeated trips to Trybeca’s Quick Cryo.

Getty Images / Global Images Ukraine

The procedure involves standing in a tank of subzero temperatures for three minutes, which launches physical reaction that burns about 800 calories.

Cryotherapy helps to fight inflammation and extra weight. Justin Timberlake is reported to use it for muscle pain caused by intense rehearsals for NYC tour dates (starting on Wednesday in Maddison Square Garden.)

According to the source, Jessica and Justin are going to cryotherapy every other day when the singer is downtown.

Timberlake was also spotted visiting a luxury oxygen spa prior to every cryo treatment to increase the effect of the therapy. Each pop costs $85, with $600 for a month of unlimited sessions.


Source: PageSix