Jay Z stops boycotting the Grammy Awards to support his attractive Beyonce in 2004

According to People, it is Beyonce to be grateful to for Jay Z to come back to the Grammy Awards.

A rapper Jay Z, 48, told much at Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Gala at the Sheraton Time Square on Saturday. He decided to be honest as this year he was nominated for 8 awards so he told his story when he accepted the 2018 Salute to Industry Icons Award.

He started his speech at the event sponsored by the Absolut Vodka with the information about the first time he was introduced to the Grammys. Until 1998 he had seen Grammys only on TV following destinies of his favorite singers Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and others.

He also said that his album Vol. II was in nomination for several awards unlike two great albums of DMX released the same year. They achieved 900 thousand copies but still, he has not got in the nomination.

It was the year when Jay Z boycotted the award and since that time he did not return until 2004. It was his beloved lady Beyonce nominated that year so he could not skip the event. Miss Beyonce’s album Crazy in Love was a reason for his return.

Another reason for Jay Z to stop boycotting was understanding that everything is subjective in the awards and there are simple humans working for the Academy and voting for singers so everything that is left is to believe.

He admitted that even pretending that people are not interested in everything that is happening there, in reality, they do care. Jay Z came to the conclusion that he must be there to be able to change anything for better being involved in it.

Jay Z is not interested in the awards given to singers, he likes the show performed by famous so gets. It is impossible to replace one or another great singer on the stage, so he decided that being involved is incredibly important.