Make Notice Of 10 Essential Indicators Of Vitamin Deficiency

Our body needs vital and essential nutrients to operate at its best condition. Vitamins are one of the major body nutrients and a deficiency in any of the type of vitamin in our body can lead to serious problems and complications.
Below, we compiled a list of the signs and symptoms that may indicate that you may have a vitamin deficiency.

10. Restless leg syndrome

A restless leg syndrome is a group of symptoms where the affected individual cannot resist the urge to move the legs. It’s an involuntary action that cannot be controlled. Although no specific etiology has been described of the restless leg syndrome, studies have shown a few connections between restless leg syndrome and low level of Iron in your body. A simple solution is to increase the body’s iron levels via iron intake through the kind of food you eat or by taking iron supplements. If you are thinking of foods that can help increase your iron levels, we’ve got you covered. You can munch on meat, nuts, tofu, cashew, cereals, whole grain bread, and don’t forget about the greens. By increasing the iron levels in your body, you not only prevent restless leg syndrome, but it also helps increase your blood level and aids in the prevention of Iron-deficiency anemia.