This Illustrator’s Comics About Her Parents Are Just The Right Mix Of Hilarious And Touching

Yasmine Surovec is a mother, wife, cartoonist and illustrator. She creates content that depicts moments of her life, such as her pregnancy story and the never-ending joys of owning a cat! Here, through her illustrations, she tells us about her relationship with her parents, and how they each have their own special ways of teaching her.

mama papa 1a
Yasmine’s mother was always pretty candid with her, and was not always the most affectionate or warm – not a typical ‘motherly’ figure. However, this meant that Yasmine could always be sure that her mother would give the straightforward, truthful answer when she asked anything.

mama papa 1b

Her father, on the other hand, was pretty keen to make sure that his answers were never too controversial or that they would give her cause to worry. Yasmine says that her father is intelligent and book smart, and that he has always been pleasant and considerate.

Between her mother’s straightforward answers, and her father’s unwillingness to discuss anything he worried might upset her, she ended up actually finding out the answer to her question in her primary school library. The book she read was called, ‘Where Did I Come From?’ by Peter Mayle.

mama papa 2a
Her mum didn’t have time to waste with fancy or thoughtful explanations.mama papa 2b

And her dad just wanted to make sure that no matter what he said, it left her happy.

mama papa 3a

mama papa 3b
But it turns out that her dad had been right to warn her here: a guy she had been dating was actually seeing an older woman – a friend of her high school teacher! She shrugged it off: it didn’t matter, seeing as they would soon be leaving for the USA anyway.

mama papa 4a

Her parents were rather harsh at times, but she could understand where they were coming from as they were both hard working people who had been through a lot in their lives. At the end of the day, they always encouraged her to follow her dreams.

mama papa 4b
Source: How We Came To Be