9 Vital Tips On How To Stop Procrastinating

How To Stop Procrastinating

“I would do this later, I don’t feel like doing it right now”, that’s one of the favorite phrases of a procrastinator. A study in 2015, showed that 50% of individuals considered themselves mild or average procrastinators and about 20 % as chronic ones i.e. they procrastinate in almost every aspect of their lives.

As the saying goes, “procrastination is the theft of time”, however, it is not only a time- management issue but rather it is more of a person trying to avoid certain emotions that go through the mind when performing a task.

Although procrastination is not a psychiatric disease, it can lead to increased stress levels and other health issues. Thankfully, procrastination is not inborn, so what was learned can also be unlearnt.

If you’ve been in search of tips on how to stop procrastinating, we’ve got you. We have compiled a list on how to stop procrastinating.

9. The Two-minute Rule
how to stop procrastinating

The author of “Getting Things Done”, David Allen created this two-minute rule, which has helped many of former procrastinators.

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