How To Cut An Onion (And Not Cry In The Process)

Everybody and their dog knows that cutting an onion can be a real nightmare for your eyes. To better your cooking experience we’ve done some research on the matter. So, why does onion make your eyes burn in the first place, and how can it be avoided?

Why does it happen?


Long story short, onions make you cry because of some interesting chemicals they contain. Onion has a surprisingly complicated defensive mechanism. When damaged, its cells release amino acids called sulfoxides, which upon the contact with air convert into gas that irritates our eyes. Then, as a natural reaction to the irritation, our eyes start producing tears in an attempt to get rid of the gas. This complicated process has a simple result: when you cut an onion, you cry.

What to do?


Obviously, the best way to solve the problem is to somehow keep the gas away from our eyes. However, it’s not an easy task to accomplish: putting on a gas mask every time you need to cut an onion would be a little inconvenient. But we figured out some other ways to keep your eyes safe that are both easier to accomplish and make more sense.