How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes – Optimal Method

While we would never forget to take a shower (most days) or wash our clothes, one of the most overlooked chores that we need to do is cleaning our makeup brushes regularly. However, it is of vital importance! If you’re breaking out a lot or your skin is just generally rebelling, it could be because of your brushes’ hygiene. Clean brushes prevent bacteria or dead skin cells and it only takes two minutes to do – it can also extend the life of your makeup brushes.


So, how often should you clean your makeup brushes? If they are concealer or foundation brushes, you should clean them at least once a week to prevent any cake-y build-up. Any brush that you intend to use around your eyes should be washed at least twice a month. Any other type of brush can be cleaned monthly. If you’d rather clean them every week to ensure they’re super clean then that’s absolutely fine – we can guarantee that your skin will thank you for it.

What You Will Need
Warm water
Castile soap or organic baby shampoo
Hydrogen peroxide (this is optional)
A glass or a small bowl
A clean cloth or a paper towel
Hair ties or rubber bands

Even if your brush¬†looks¬†clean, the bristles on it are porous which means that they are more than likely harboring bacteria and other oils that you won’t want on your skin. Before you mix together the solution, wipe down your brush with a dry cloth. If what comes off of it doesn’t inspire you to wash your brushes more frequently, we don’t know what will.

Take and add a few drops of either castile soap or baby shampoo to a bowl of warm water. Use one that is fragrance-free and contains ingredients which will be perfect for sensitive skin, if you have it. At this point, you can also add some hydrogen peroxide to the solution – this will act as an anti-bacterial for the solution.

Take your brush and gentle more it around in the mixture you’ve just created. Let it rest in the solution for up to ten minutes once it is coated.


After the time is up, remove the brush from the solution and wipe it down with a clean cloth – this will remove any excess moisture from the brush.

Finally, reshape your brush by hanging it upside down – this will dry it. Wrap the bristles with a hair tie – this will help it to retain its shape once it’s dry.