Homeless Couple Gets Stunning Makeover For Valentine’s Day. What Happens To Them Next Is Even More Amazing!

A photographer from Nairobi, Kenya, known as Muchiri Frames, came up with a unique Valentine’s day project. He found inspiration in the love story of two homeless people he met on the streets of Nairobi.

Blackie and Virginia before – credit Muchiri Frames

Virginia and Sammy, nicknamed Blackie, got a complete makeover and a photo shoot to celebrate their special relationship on a special day. The result is jaw-droppingly beautiful!


In addition to the makeover, the homeless couple was presented with a romantic three-day trip to a seaside resort. Virginia and Blackie stayed at a nice hotel, enjoying romantic dinners and walks on the beach.

Those three days made Virginia and Blacky famous – and also raised the question of what would happen to the couple after their little holiday was over.

People from Kenya and beyond started sending them presents and well wishes, but what was more important, it motivated the couple to change their lifestyle for the better and apply for jobs. The couple now has a place to live, but whether they hold on to the house and the jobs is entirely up to them. In photographer’s words, they’ve been given a fishing rod – now all they have to do is use it.

We all hope that this love story will have a happy ending!

Source: Boredpanda.com and Muchiri Frames