Practical Home Remedies To Relieve Painful Teeth

If you’ve had your teeth erupt before, you know just how overwhelming the pain can be. However, it is not always easy visiting the dentist for a permanent solution. Sometimes there can be troubles in getting time to visit the dentist immediately. Below are some tips on home remedies for painful wisdom teeth relieving that can help you to lower the pain.


When the teeth begin erupting, the sensation of it is very painful. Plus in adults mouth, there is no room for the growth of the wisdom teeth causing the teeth to erupt at an angle and with an incomplete eruption. As a result, there is empty space created in the gum which makes it prone to bacterial infection and inflammation.
Rinsing your oral cavity with a mixture of warm water and salt
This is a very common remedy known all around the world and it is recommended by dentists. It is very simple to do yet very effective. The teeth pain is not easy to bear at all. One of the home remedies for the painful tooth is dissolving 2 or 3 tablespoons of salt in warm water and gargling it in your mouth for as much as you can help in reducing the pain. Due to inflammation of the gums, there can be breakage of the tissues and this can lead to bacteria buildup and also food particles can be hidden there. Use salt water which is also known to have disinfectant properties and antimicrobial properties. It helps to kill bacteria.