This Is What Happens When God Of Thunder Meets Lightning Bolt!

The Commonwealth Games brought us the epic meeting that we didn’t even know we needed! The fastest Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and Chris Hemsworth, otherwise known as just Thor, had a lot of fun hanging out together. The God of Thunder and the Lightning Bolt – it’s like a match made in heaven!

The actor got clearly excited to hang out with the athlete. He even tweeted a photo with a hilarious caption: ‘Just recruited a new Avenger, he makes the flash look like he’s skateboarding in the sand.’

Usain Bolt also went to his Twitter to share a lovely picture with the actor. Aw! It seems like the beginning of bromance.

The fans got beyond hyped, which is not at all surprising considering how awesome both of them are.

Who knows, maybe Usain Bolt will consider an acting career after talking to Chris Hemsworth!

Source: Twitter