Girl’s Single Tweet Changes Her Father’s Life

Christopher Gonzales, 39, was a construction worker and a single father of two.

Credit: Alexis Gonzales

Last year Christopher injured himself at work, and that changed his life forever. His spinal cord nerve was damaged and he had to quit his job. Sometimes even moving around the house was a challenge. The only income left for the family was Christopher’s disability check he received once a month.

Having nothing else to do, he tried to find a joy in exploring new hobbies. What did bring him some relief was woodworking – he started recreating various sports teams’ logos in his garage.

His friends noticed his hobby and wanted to buy some of his amazing works. So Christopher’s 17-year-old daughter Alexis posted a few photos of her dad’s hobby on Twitter to see if someone else could be interested in buying them.

“So my dad is disabled and is trying to make a little extra money because he makes so little. He makes wood carvings [in] his free time, and he can make them any size, for anything (not just team logos). Even if you don’t like them a RT will help spread the word,” Alexis wrote.

The reaction was astonishing – her tweet was retweeted over 214,000 times! Next morning she woke up with 7,000 direct messages waiting for her. Over the course of a single night Alexis became a sales manager for her dad.

Now, in Christopher’s words, his ‘hobby’ is making him as much money as the disability checks. The future looks a lot brighter for the Gonzales family.