How To Find The Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Have you ever asked your hairdresser to make you that beautiful hairstyle you found online only to realize that it looks awful on you? Some face shapes simply don’t go with certain styles. It’s all about finding the perfect hairstyle for your face shape.

The most important thing when choosing the perfect hairstyle is finding the one that makes your face look oval. For those that have round faces, there are hairstyles that will make their faces look longer and vice versa; people with longer faces should choose hairstyles that will make their face look wider.

Similarly, certain haircuts can ‘soften’ your jawline. Others are perfect for ‘masking’ double chins or big foreheads.

However, the shape of your face is only one factor to take into account. You should also consider your character, lifestyle, and the texture of your hair.

Find Out What Your Face Shape Is


In general, there are 6 categories of face shapes – long, oval, round, square, heart-shaped, and diamond. You can determine your face shape by simply looking yourself in the mirror, but if you are uncertain, there are ways to measure it.

If after measuring your face you still don’t get concrete results, then the shape of your face is not really an important factor. Hair experts claim that the face shape is crucial only for women who have prominent facial features, i.e. characteristics they want to conceal with the hairstyle.

Those with diamond and oval-shaped faces are the lucky ones – they will look great with almost any hairstyle. The same goes for people whose face shape doesn’t fall in any particular category. They should focus more on the hair texture and body features when choosing a hairstyle. The most important thing is to have in mind that not every trend is suitable for everyone because we’re all different individuals.