10 Insanely Hot Female Bisexual Celebrities

With the issue of gender orientation at the pinnacle of public debate, sexual preference has also come into the spotlight. Celebrities have often used their public appearances to give their stance in order to sway public opinion and to show of support for ordinary people who are prejudiced because of this. The following is a list of hot female bisexual celebrities who have confirmed their bisexuality.

10. Anna Paquin
female bisexual celebrities
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Anna has brought about many different points to the debate for LGBT rights. The way she explains sexuality makes it clear that being bisexual is not a phase, it’s the solid sexual preference one has. Anna stands firm behind the idea that bisexuality is an actual preference and not just a situation in which one is indecisive whether they are straight or gay. The popular actress is very outspoken when it comes to identifying herself as bisexual even though she is already in a marriage with a man saying that being with someone does not nullify one’s sexuality. To Anna sexuality is not something that wears out. It`s great news to know that this hot female bisexual celebrity and award-winning actress does not consider gender a deal breaker when it comes to love.