Fans Appalled By Kim’s Reaction To The Birth Of Khloe’s Daughter

Kim Kardashian is all about the business. But right now? Seriously, Kim, is this the best time?

Khloe had just delivered a beautiful baby girl, and everyone was waiting to read the heartfelt congratulations from her older sister. So naturally, Kim decided to make some money out of it.

As soon as the happy news appeared, she decided to advertise highlighter palettes, which wasn’t exactly the thing followers were expecting from her.

Moreover, she gushed about her recent trip to Caicos and Turks with Kourtney – still not a word about Khloe.

Yes, if it were some other day, the post wouldn’t cause this kind of reaction. But this time fans really didn’t like Kim pushing her business and dismissing the addition to her family.

One of them said: ‘Your sister just had a baby & you worried about some dusty makeup’.

Another added: No matter what is going on, make sure you keep peddling your make up’. Nothing is more important than you pushing your stuff for $$$$$> Certainly more important than what Khloe is going through.Keep pushing !!!’

Khloe gave birth to a wonderful baby girl on Thursday morning in Cleveland. Kim is said to have been with her, as well as her serial cheating boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

The girl’s name is still unknown.

By the way, Kim did congratulate Kourtney on Twitter – 18 hours after the initial controversial post. Better late than never, right?