Even Celebrities Have To Take Public Transport – It’s True!

If you thought that fame was a sure-fire way to avoid ever taking public transport again, then this list might be the one to prove you wrong! As the celebrities here show, no matter how big your name might become, sometimes there is no better way to beat city traffic than to take the public transport with your fellow citizens.

27. Andy Cohen

This star just loves taking the New York Subway. Look at that dazzling smile: he could not be more pleased! It doesn’t seem like he’s getting bothered by any other commuters either. Everyone is far too busy looking at their phones, or holding on for dear life!

26. Harry Styles


If you look very hard, past the man bun, you can tell that this is Harry Styles! The One Direction singer was spotted on a bus in LA. We wonder where he was going! All we can tell you is that he wasn’t feeling the walk that day, and apparently, public transport was his best bet!

25. Dave Grohl

Just look at Dave’s happy face! Have any of you ever been that happy to be riding the subway on a Monday evening? We didn’t think so. Maybe the appearance of a couple of fans cheered him! He’s certainly not doing a very good job of hiding himself, even if he is sitting in the corner of the carriage.

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