Englishman Refuses to Slaughter His Cows and Turns Land Into Vegan Farm

An Englishman has decided to convert his inherited farm into a vegan place. Jay Wilde is 60 years old. He has been raising cattle all his life. Several years ago he inherited the farm in Derbyshire but, being a vegetarian, found it difficult to continue raising cows who’d be slaughtered at the end.

In his interview with iNews, Jay said:”We did [our] best to look after them, but you knew you were going to betray them. You really couldn’t look them in the eye.” He continued: “People choose to fool themselves by saying, ‘they’re only animals, they don’t know what’s happening.’ But I’m sure they do.”

Together with his wife, Wilde sent a lot of their cows to a sanctuary where they would spend the rest of the life in safety. At the same time, they left dozens of their favorite cattle and have been keeping them on the land along with 11 cats and 2 dogs.

Wilde plans to make a vegetable farm out of the estate, which would include a restaurant and even a cookery school. Currently, he is raising funds for the project. Though it can be a financial risk, Jay is so happy that he would never again send a cow to a slaughterhouse. sunnyskyz.com reports that Wilde still misses all his animals but believes the decision to give them away was right.

“I miss the cows, however, it’s nice to think of them living a nice life in a sanctuary now,” Jay confessed. “It just became more and more difficult taking them to slaughter. You know they have thoughts, dreams, and personalities, so being taken to be killed was a horrible experience for them too. I’m glad to have saved them from that. Giving them away was definitely the right option.”


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