Emily Ratajkowski Is Furious To See Her Husband Getting Cozy With Suki Waterhouse

Oh, no! Emily Ratajkowski’s new husband was busted getting really close to Suki Waterhouse and the model is furious.

The situation doesn’t look very promising for Emily Ratajkowski. The model’s husband Sebastian Bear-McClard was photographed on April 26 laughing and holding his arm around the actress and model Suki Waterhouse. Both of them looked like they had an interesting conversation and what is more, Sebastian didn’t even have his wedding ring on the finger!

Emily and Suki are good friends, but the Hollywood Life source said that that doesn’t mean that Emily is ‘cool with this.’ According to the source, Emily thinks that Suki was way too close to her husband and she was angry at her friend. Sebastian also got a lecture about his inappropriate behavior. The insider added that Emily ‘doesn’t think anything is actually going on between them,’ but she was furious about how they made her look in this situation.

Judging by the photos, Suki and Sebastian had quite an intimate body language. He held his arm around her shoulders and neck while they were leaning in close to watch something on her phone.

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian got married in a surprising courthouse ceremony on February 23 after dating for about a month. The Instagram star had only about 10 friends at her ceremony and the news about the wedding came as a shock to many.


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Hopefully, Sebastian learned that once you’re married, there are things that you just can’t do if you don’t want to upset your wife.


Source: Hollywood Life