Ellen DeGeneres Sells A House She Already Sold

Sometimes it’s really hard to fight your desires. Even if they cost you millions of dollars.

Ellen DeGeneres seems to have mixed feelings about one particular house in California’s Hollywood Hills. Portia de Rossi, Ms. DeGeneres’ wife, bought this mansion for the first time in 2005 for around $6.5 million and rented it to Nick Jonas, according to Variety.

Getty Images / Global Images Ukraine

In 2007 Ms. De Rossi and Ms. DeGeneres sold the residence for $10 million, but apparently, some feelings remained and in 2007 they bought it back – this time for $8.75 million.

Earlier this month Los Angeles Times cited public records that Ellen DeGeneres parted ways with her property for the second time. For the price of $9.9 million, this five bedroom and three bathroom 1950s residence was sold to Barry Schwartz, Calvin Klein Inc. co-founder.

Source: Mansion Global