Useful And Effective Habits From Famous People!

Wake up early like Jennifer Aniston


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Waking up early is said to be one of the common traits you find in the hard case of successful people. Jennifer Aniston is also one of those early birds. During working days, she wakes up at 4:30 pm and beings carrying out her morning tasks. Jennifer’s morning schedule begins with washing her face with soap, drinking hot water with lemon inside, and regular meditation for 20 minutes. She says that early waking gives her a head start into the day and she is able to spend some “me time” before going out.

Meditation is the key says Oprah Winfrey


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Taking time for meditation has so many benefits, for some, it reduces stress level, improves performance and productivity; and for others, it helps to focus on a task at hand, and boosts their creativity levels. We are pretty sure that’s why one of the most successful women in the world, Oprah Winfrey, always finds time for daily meditation.
Oprah begins every morning with 20 minutes of meditation, she doesn’t even miss it on holidays or weekends. She stated that the feeling of hope, contentment and pure joy she drives from meditation makes her day better. Sometimes when she’s in a rush she just meditates for 10 minutes but completes the other ten minutes later in the day.