15+ Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Though early symptoms of pregnancy can be quite unpleasant, there are natural remedies for them that don’t do any harm to the unborn baby. Moreover, most present-day medications are safe enough to be taken by pregnant women, on condition that the dosage is calculated individually by a health-care specialist.

19. Missing period


Once the fertilized egg is implanted, chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is released. This hormone is responsible for pregnancy maintenance. It also prevents ovaries from releasing new mature eggs.

A delay of more than 5 days might mean that you are 4 weeks pregnant. So if you happen to have an irregular cycle you might consider buying a few packs of pregnancy tests or having your blood tested for a quicker result.

If your period is 8 days late, traces of hCG appear in the urine. At this stage, over-the-counter pregnancy tests react to it.