15+ Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Some early signs of pregnancy, like tender breasts, mood swings for no reason and cramps are similar to those in premenstrual syndrome or early period. But if your periodic bleeding is scant and doesn’t last longer than three days it might mean something different to you. Consider buying a couple of pregnancy tests or going to a gynecologist for an ultrasound examination. Perhaps, there are big changes ahead.


It is also worth to remember that first week of your next period is thought of the first week of pregnancy. Thus, a week’s delay in period means that you are 4 weeks pregnant. Put this in your mind when calculating your possible pregnancy stage.

Each pregnancy is an individual matter. It can be a breeze for some women and a torture for others. Every new pregnancy to one mother is no similar to previous ones. Probably the only symptoms that can be called typical are missing period and weight gain. Others, early signs of pregnancy, like morning sickness, blood pressure issues, and smell aversions, vary in severity or can be absent at all, depending on a woman’s general condition.