Dogs Lie to Get What They Want, Study Says

Dogs are manipulating us, and we know it. How many times have you come home only to find a mess? Have you ever happened to find hidden garbage under the sofa? Do you wake up to see them sleeping on your pillow even though you’d forbidden it? Now we know for sure – dogs lie to get what they want, study says. And they do it in the sweetest way!

Photo by Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash

The study included three food boxes in three different locations. One of them was empty, the other contained the dogs’ favorite food, whereas the third had food they did not like as much. The pups were trained to take human partners to the food. One of the humans was collaborative and he was supposed to give the dog their treat, whereas the other human was supposed to hold the treat back.

The results were surprising. Even as early as day one, the puppies would take the collaborative human to the box containing their favorite treats more often than the uncooperative human.

The second day, the dogs started taking the uncooperative human to the empty box more often. They knew that by doing so, they still had an opportunity to get their treat later. And they knew exactly which of the humans was going to give them the treat.

These findings should come as no surprise. There has been a number of studies that have shown just how brilliant our furry friends are. One of them, published in 2016 in “Science”, found that dogs use both sides of their brain, taking into consideration both the tone of your voice and the words you utter, to work out what you’re saying. This is very similar to the human brain. The same study concluded that dogs understand positive words and tone, and react best to them.

This means that it’s not so easy to deceive your pup. Even if you try to sound absolutely cheerful when you say they’re going to the veterinarian. Your dog probably knows exactly what’s going on.

Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash

Another study published in the “Royal Society Publishing” in 2016, found that our best friends can understand our emotions, as well as the emotions of other dogs. They are able to do this by analyzing your face and your speech. In addition, puppies have an inborn ability to classify emotions. Is your dog more watchful when you’re in a bad mood? They are absolutely aware of how you feel and are prepared to show you all the love and support you need. That’s why we love them so much.

So be careful; the study clearly demonstrates that if you are not attentive to your pup, she might find someone else who will be.


Source: Bustle