14 Dog Breeds Completely Unrecognisable 100 Years Ago!

Our scientific knowledge has done wonderful things for us – especially in modern-day advances: we use science to save lives and even to explore beyond our own small planet, but we’ve also used our knowledge for many other things to change and discover, and dog breeding is one of them. This list will show you a number of dog breeds, comparing how they look now to how they looked 100 years ago. Any changes that you notice are all down breeding selection and genetic mutation, and sometimes, as you’ll see, these changes aren’t for the better!

14. Irish Setter




Wikimedia Commons

The Irish Setter has always been a beautiful dog breed, and it doesn’t seem to be the most affected when it comes to breeding issues and genetic modifications. What we notice most here is that in the modern day their lanky stature seems slightly enhanced.

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