10 Dangerous Reasons For Dizziness

Nearly everyone has ever experienced dizziness or vertigo. This condition is relatively harmless, though it may be debilitating at times. But as a symptom, repetitive dizziness can be associated with serious diseases.

To be on safe side, check out the list below dangerous reasons for dizziness!

10. Low blood sugar


Dizziness can be a sign of blood sugar issues associated with diabetes. Pancreas fails to produce enough insulin, a hormone which delivers glucose from food to body cells. As a result, most of the glucose ends up being excreted by kidneys. Most patients with diabetes keep track of their blood sugar, but things happen to anyone. A skipped meal, too many medications or a sudden physical effort can become a result of a dangerous condition called hypoglycemia. In worst cases, hypoglycemia leads to loss of consciousness, coma, and death.

Other conditions associated with low blood sugar are hepatitis, kidney disorders, adrenal deficiency and tumor producing excessive insulin. Some medications, like quinine, may significantly reduce blood sugar levels in fairly healthy individuals.