13 Dreadful Halloween Mysteries Happened In Real!

No one can argue that Halloween is a super spooky time, it’s part of the fun! But these Halloween mysteries show that not all Halloween events are a fun time. These are all incidents that actually occurred and are still shrouded in mystery today! Grab a buddy before reading, some of these dreadful Halloween mysteries are sure to give you serious chills.

13. The Murder Of Nima Louise Carter


In her Lawton, Oklahoma home, 19-month-old Nima was put to bed in her crib on Halloween night of 1977. In the morning she was gone. As the windows were locked, it would seem that the abductor had been hiding in the wardrobe, sneaking out when Nima’s parents went to bed. A month later, some children were playing in an abandoned house a few blocks away when they made the horrifying discovery of a discomposing infant’s body inside the house’s fridge. It was Nima, and she’d died from asphyxiation. Jaqueline Roubideaux committed a similar crime in Lawton, Oklahoma just one year earlier, and she is suspected of being Nima’s murderer, but she never admitted to the crime and died in prison in 2005. The case remains unsolved.