Orphaned Cow Gets Adopted By Deer Family

Bonnie, a cow born on a farm in upstate New York, was separated from her mother when she was just four months old. But she was not destined to be alone: the young cow was adopted by deer!

The orphaned cow was being herded onto a truck one day last summer when she decided to escape into the forest. Bonnie became somewhat of a celebrity as people kept their eyes out for glimpses of her in the forest. Finally, after eight months of few sightings, hunters started to capture her on their wildlife cameras and were astonished by what they found.


Despite losing her biological family, Bonnie was not alone – she was joined by a family of wild deer, who appeared to have accepted her as one of their own. However, unlike a deer, the bovine was not made to survive the cold winters of the forest. Luckily, a kindly neighbour was on hand to help her to survive the winter months by bringing her food, water and fresh bedding. And after winning Bonnie’s trust, the neighbour called in the help of Farm Sanctuary.

It was incredibly hard to get Bonnie to leave her wild home, and it took almost two weeks for the Farm Sanctuary team to get her to leave. Finally, Bonnie complied and she is now able to live out her long life happily and safely in comfortable pastures and warm barns.


Source: The Dodo

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