Cop Adopts Abused 8-Year-Old Boy But That’s Not The End Of Story

Child abuse is so common nowadays but unfortunately, soon all those cases are forgotten.

Recently Officer Jody Thompson has got a call about child’s abuse. Though, he wasn’t on duty at that moment but answered immediately and helped the others. Such stories are not new for Jody, so he was willing to help at once, reports

“I’ve investigated child abuse cases before,” he noted. “I thought I’d better go ahead and respond.”

The scene wasn’t similar to those Thompson saw before. It was a little boy with the bound wrists. Moreover, he was all covered with bruises and was inside a big can, full of ice water.

“He did not have a spot on his body that didn’t have a bruise or abrasion. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

They covered a little boy with a blanket and after that, a brave officer brought him to a Children’s Advocacy Center to take photos of his injuries for a further investigation.

“I sat with him,” the officer said. “And when he was admitted to the intensive care unit, I sat all night until the next day.” Thompson didn’t want to leave the boy, as believed this case was quite different from the rest.

“When I’d seen him in that house shivering and his hands tied — just soaking wet and confused — I knew at that moment the only time I would be satisfied and sure that he was safe is if he was with me,” said Jody. That feeling was crucial to make the officer think about adopting a little boy.

The following day Thompson reached Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services and told about his desire to become John’s foster parent. His family was quite surprised to hear this decision.

“At the time, I had a 15-year-old son and an 8-year-old son. When I brought John home I didn’t tell them or my wife,” Thompson said. “Everyone knew … they trusted I was doing the right thing before they even knew what happened and heard the story.”

Several days later the officer’s wife told she was pregnant. 7 months after that the couple was informed that John’s mother gave birth to a girl in a jail, so they already knew what to do next.

“We literally picked her up in the hospital the next day when she was a day old and brought her straight home,” Thompson recalled. “Never in my life did I dream of having a large family, but God had different plans and so here we are. And I’m loving it all.”

The colleague told about Jody Tompson: “Jody’s actions, as well as his family’s, are second to none. The example of love and compassion he has shown to this young man and his sister is an example everyone should follow.”

Police officer adopts a young boy

COP ADOPTS KID: Officer Jody Thompson adopted his son John after learning about his abusive biological family, giving the young boy a chance at a new life. Ron Claiborne with the story.

Posted by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir on Monday, July 3, 2017